Almost everyone has a cell phone these days. Cellular phone are almost a necessity these days--or at least that's how a lot of people see them. It's true that many people probably can't conceive of not being able to call their friends and family or be in touch at anytime during the day.

Mobile phones are also practical--they allow you to contact help in an emergency situation, they allow you to keep in touch with your children and loved ones, and they are also incredibly convenient. But it has been too long that the cell phone service providers have been overcharging their customers. The truth is that a contract based cell phone plan may not be the best option for you.

In these times of a rough economic climate, many more people are turning to prepaid cell phones as a way of cutting their bills and having more control on their communication costs. The beauty about prepaid is that you only pay for the minutes you use. There are no overage fees and on most plans you pay no roaming charges. Often, people will switch their whole families over to a pay as you go plan and cut costs that way.

So how are prepaid phones a good way to save money? The truth is with prepaid you have a lot more control over what you are actually paying for. In a standard contract with a wireless provider, you agree to pay a certain amount of money for a certain amount of minutes month in and month out. Even if you only use half of the minutes you pay for, you still have to pay for the other half.

This is generally not a good deal for many people as an estimated twenty percent of all contract phone users only use 80 percent of their minutes each month. When I was on a contract plan, I was paying for twice the amount of minutes I was using each month.

With a prepaid plan, you do not sign a contract so you do not ever have to pay a termination fee. These fees can be incredibly expensive and range somewhere around two hundred dollars to eliminate your contract. Now why do you think there would be a fee to end your service? There is only one reason--it's a good way for the large cellular service companies to make money. If you are not happy with your cell service, you should be able to leave and find a new company. It shouldn't be okay to have to be bound to one company.

With prepaid phones, you never pay a termination fee. Once you let your phone and minutes expire, you can choose to add more minutes or choose to move on.

These days many people are starting to see that taking more control over your cell phone bill by going with prepaid cell phones saves them money. Companies like Leap wireless, which runs Cricket, T-Mobile prepaid, Tracfone, and even Verizon Wireless offer very competitive rates for pay as you go service. Do some research and pick out the best plan that works for you because you do have options.

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