Will I have a monthly payment with Tracfone Prepaid?
No but you will have to add Tracfone minutes at least every three months. With Tracfone Prepay you can spend as little as $20 for three months. As you run low on Tracfone Service time or prepaid minutes you will have to buy a card. The larger denomination Tracfone Minute cards give you more minutes per dollar spent.

You can get Tracfone service on a Monthly plan. You can sign up for the Tracfone Value plan and have a monthly payment for service and minutes. If you use all of your minutes before the month is up you can buy more minutes at a favorable rate. You can use either a debit card, checking account or charge card to purchase minutes with the Value Plan.

How do I find my Tracfone Serial Number?
The Serial number is accessible from the "Prepaid Menu" on your Tracfone. The serial number is on the package the wireless Tracfone came in. The Serial number is also on a Red paper that comes with your owners manual. The Tracfone web site has detailed instructions on finding your Serial number. Your Serial Number will be an 11, 15, or 18 digit number.

What is Tracfone Service Time?
When you add a Tracfone Card to a Tracfone you also get Service time also known as Activation time. With most cards you will get 90 days of service time. Keep your Tracfone Prepay service current your minutes will roll over.

What is DMFL?
Tracfone DMFL means Double Tracfone minutes for life of the phone. This means for the as long as the phone workswith DMFL if you add Tracfone Minutes the minutes added to your phone will be double the number on the card. The doubler card feature usually cannot be transferable to your next Tracfone if the phone it is on quits working or is lost or stolen. Most of the nicer Tracfone Cell phones now come with Double minutes. The Double minute for life is such a better deal than a Tracfone without DMFL, do not add minutes to a non-DMFL phone.

Do Tracfone Minutes Roll over?
Yes, as long as you keep your service active your Tracfone Minutes will roll over. Currently if your Tracfone service time expires and you reactivate within two months you will get to keep your minutes. This rollover policy is different than almost every other prepaid phone service which do not roll over minutes or service time. If you run completely out of minutes or do not refill before your service expires you will lose your tracfone number.

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