There are hundreds of cell phone plans and offers out there, so what is the criterion you should use when choosing one? There are a lot of factors that go into this, so you should keep a few things in mind. One of the main things you should be concerned with is how much do you use your cell phone.

If you use only 300 minutes a month, then prepaid cell phones might be the best option for you because you are light cell phone user. If you use more like 450, then you may want to stay in a month to month contract cellular phone plan. Also, you need to know that text messages can add up very fast on any type of phone plan, so if you are a big texter, then you are going to want to get some kind of bundle that includes a text package. The same goes for those who surf the internet frequently using their phones. You need to pay for the data usage, so you are going to want a package to cover that.

If you are a light cell phone user and you do not really text that much (remember you have to pay for both texts received and sent) then you may want to go with a prepaid phone option. This is because this type of phone plan is for more frugal users who keep track of their phone usage and typically do not use it as much as others. A prepaid plan is good because you have more control over the actual minutes you end up paying for. You are not stuck into a plan that says you have to purchase 450 minutes each month for such and such price. You can change your mind and buy one amount one month and half the minutes the next month.

Of course, each prepaid wireless provider has different stipulations and rules that you need to know. Minutes can have expiration dates and there may be minimum minutes you have to purchase in any given period of time. You just need to know the rules and be clear on what you have to do in order to stay current with your phone. Overall, prepaid offers some very competitive plans and many people are switching over to it from standard contract wireless plans.

As a result, all of the large wireless companies now compete in the prepaid arena as well. Verizon wireless, T-Mobile prepaid, and AT&T are going head to head with Tracfone, Cricket, and Boost Mobile. Boost Mobile just released a new comprehensive, all you can use, plan that sort of has the industry buzzing about whether or not it will be popular and successful.

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Tracfone Camera Phone

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